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Hallelujah Jesus has Risen!! April 2021

Revelation 1:17b-18a: "Don’t be afraid! I am the First and Last. I am the living one. I died, but look–I am alive forever and ever!"

Good Friday in Baltimore city was very blessed and meaningful.  Our JP members and few new young people came to serve the Lord for the Hesed homeless ministry (packing sandwiches, chicken rice, and goody bags for each individual).  J. Hwang came to lead praise with his guitar and we were so happy to sing a song over and over entitled “Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”  I also shared the good news in the street.  Many spirit-filled people came from NOVA to pray for each homeless individual, hold the Bible signs, and coordinate as a team.  When we fully depend on the Holy Spirit, all things fall into right place.  We don’t need to waste time planning but believe in His guidance.



The SEED JP Prayer team from East Coast met together to have a prayer fellowship and to deliver the street signs.  I was able to share my Mongolian mission experiences.  I emphasized that we are in a spiritual battle and we need to be spiritually awakened.   Each member is precious and God is leading them step by step to be strong in Faith.  We are learning to welcome sufferings in Christ.  Due to Covid, some families are facing constant struggles with marriage, finance, and childrens’ media addiction.   A Waymaker leader put signs around his house as soon as he received the pickets from me.




I toured a Christian University established by a Marlton Assembly church.  It was a small university but it was an eye opening experience.  After 23 years of campus ministries, I knew American education was failing.  It’s been a burden in my heart for many years because they were losing the fear of God.  After I toured the university and heard their purpose, it expanded my vision of establishing a Christian University.






God provided all my needs and I was so grateful for people opening their homes.  I enjoyed little ones and I am so excited that God has plan for these young lives.  One of my surprising gifts was receiving a EZ pass from a supporter. They encouraged me to go anywhere I need to go.  I am frugal in saving money, gas, water, electricity, papers, etc.  God is expanding my territory.  He is telling me to travel everywhere in the USA.  This is a clear sign from the Lord.  I thank my supporters for new car tires, alignment, oil change, other small things that had to be fixed for my car.

  ++ 기도제 목 + + + + + +  

  1.  God will send many faithful and spirit filled workers to reach out to the next generation.
      (I want to a start SEED JP school for K-5th and a Christian university)  
  2  My husband and I will work with families by strengthening Christian values in young couples. 

  3.  The Hesed homeless church will grow and we will disciple them to follow Jesus. 

      4.  God will protect street witnessing and many leaders will rise up to stand for Jesus.
      5.  God will supply me wisdom to manage as a SEED JP Director and fill me with the Holy Spirit.

  6.   4 I will recruit committed, mature, and faithful leaders to join SEED JP so we can work as a team.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

All because of Jesus,

Sharon Song

SEED JP Director